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Say YES! to recycling

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According to Recycle Now, we are a nation of recyclers, with more and more of us getting involved as we understand the importance for the planet. At YES! we are proud to claim that all of our bars are carefully wrapped in paper, sourced from sustainable forests. This celebrates that the packaging on our bars is recyclable; and our machinery is specially adapted to treat the paper with care during the wrapping process, so as not to tear or puncture the packaging. This is a breakthrough innovation, as it is the first snacking product to be fast flow wrapped in paper and cold sealed

However, we need your help to close the circle, ensuring that all YES! paper wrappers, end up in the correct recycling bin. So once you’ve eaten a delicious YES! bar, please dispose of the empty wrapper in the paper recycling bin.

Do you want to learn more about recycling and how you can play your part? The Recycle Now website contains a wealth of useful information and tools on how and what to recycle including a recycling locator, explanation of what different recycling symbols mean and tips on recycling

Show the planet some love – recycle!

See our latest Ad which shows the recycablility of the packaging:

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